Direct Counseling’s Partner Abuse Intervention program (PAI) assists individuals in recognizing and understanding behaviors that lead to violence directed at their partners or intimates. Our program educates participants about the causes and forms of domestic violence and provides clients with the skills for handling conflict situations without becoming abusive or receiving additional legal difficulties. Direct Counseling’s program complies with the Illinois Protocol for Partner Abuse intervention Programs through Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) and is approved by all courts in Illinois and all other states where applicable.


The program starts with an IDHS Partner Abuse Evaluation by the Program Director or a professional staff member. If the evaluation indicates the need for Partner Abuse treatment, you will then be assigned the appropriate and least number of group sessions for a specified period of time. Direct Counseling’s PAI evaluation includes a complete alcohol and drug review to rule out or identify problems associated with chemicals. This is a significant savings in time and cost. How long you must attend the counseling depends on your attendance, legal standards, your court order as well as the results of your IDHS Partner Abuse Intervention evaluation.


Direct Counseling’s PAI Program assists individuals by promoting appropriate attitudes that are associated with non-abusive behavior and will help develop skills for non-abusive behavior and equal partnerships. Our program components include, but are not limited to: non-violent conflict resolution, assertive and non-aggressive communication as well as how to achieve and maintenance positive, healthy and non-abusive relationships.


Our program meets during the week and we offer daytime counseling sessions. All our programs are “pay as you go”. Contact Direct Counseling today to discuss how we can help you.

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